About Us

SPTeks entered the computer industry in 1997 to provide quality software development services to corporations.

Many of our clients look to SPTeks to meet their project staffing requirements so that they can better control their systems development costs and obtain the best personnel available for their immediate needs. SPTeks has matured into a stable, highly competitive and a responsive firm with management, technical and financial resources to fully serve it's clients. Our highly trained and experienced personnel have worked in all phases of software development in the scientific and business applications

SPTeks provides all levels of personnel including management support, system design and development, data base design and management, programming, conversions and other data processing support.

SPTeks has a commitment to performance excellence and client satisfaction. Our reputation in the industry for quality work and high standards can be confirmed by our clients.

SPTeks objective is to provide superior software services in a cost effective manner. Whether it is on-site support or off-site development, fixed or variable costs projects, SPTeks's management makes the necessary commitments.

SPTeks believes that the project success can be achieved by applying a few proven operating principles :

  1. Strong personal commitments to deliver quality products at all levels of the project.
  2. Projects must be led by experienced project leaders who apply proven, industry accepted system development practices.
  3. All personnel assigned to a project must process adequate skills to match the requirements of the project.
  4. Regular interaction with the client to ensure that all needs and concerns are addressed.